The Importance of Family Dinner

The importance of dinner with the family is so often overlooked in today’s busy world. Years ago it was a valued part of daily life. While the desire for this still exists for many families, there is often little time together. None of that is good for someone who is trying to recover from substance abuse. Family support is one of the most important parts of growth. Having a good family time, like dinner is a wonderful way for that to happen. Here are some ways to make it work in today’s busy world.

Coordinate all the schedules in your home. Have everyone dedicate certain days to family dinner. Keep to that weekly. If something comes up you can plan for the upcoming week accommodating that adjustment. It’s not about time, it’s also about the results.

Make it a time for relaxation and fun. It’s a time for no phones or outside distractions for the family to bond and make memories. The simple act of children having their parent’s attention focused on them that builds the strength of emotions and moral development. If your child has questions they can ask mom or dad at that time. Sometimes that alone can prevent an addiction from happening. Their development is solid in the family environment and problems can be prevented before they begin. Entire studies have been done showing the results of the importance of the family dinner.

Imagine a child that has a question about something they were told is normal. It could be smoking or drinking. It could even be participating in illegal activities. Talking about that with you or the other parent at the dinner table can be another input into the social learning environment for your child. Children and teens both have shown to weigh more what they experience at home over what is experienced by their peers. That input could be the very thing to prevent trouble going forward.

Make conversation part of the flow at the family dinner. Talk about the day and how every’s day went. Those are golden opportunities to reach and connect with your family members. If it becomes a part of the daily meal you will see a bonding activity which happens. It can help over the years as the family grows over the years. Imagine how wonderful it will be to see your grandchildren and kids every week or each month continuing the family tradition of sharing family dinners.

Life is busy for everyone. When you take the time to teach your children by example and create a social environment of support before trouble hit, and even after when supporting someone in recovery, you create an environment of love and support. That makes a healthy person every time.

When you have a family member that is dealing with something difficult then family dinner time can be a way to build them up and help them feel better. That sense of safety and love can often be the difference between success and failure.