Reconciling a Relationship with an Estranged Parent: Things to Consider

Unfortunately, there are far too many people who know what it’s like to have an estranged mother or father. You can become estranged from your parents for many different reasons. It may be a conflict of personalities. It may be that both of you are holding on to the idea of being right. It may be that you both disagree about politics or religion and you cannot seem to reconcile. Whatever the reason is, if you are estranged from your mother or father, you may want to reconsider. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

You Only Have One Set of Parents

Whether you are the child of a single parent, divorced parents, adopted parents, two mothers, or two fathers, the fact is that you only have one set of parents. Having conflict and a falling out with friends is common, and it can be painful, but you can always make new friends. Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but your parents will be your parents forever. It’s important to value them for who they are.

You Only Have So Much Time With Your Parents

No one lives forever, and if your parent(s) die when you are still estranged, I promise you that you will regret it. You have to cherish everyone in your life as much as possible. You have to let people know that you appreciate and love them.

Forgiveness is HealingĀ 

Holding onto anger and toxicity is only poison for yourself. Forgiving others is not only healing to your relationship, but it’s also healing for yourself. You can have a much stronger sense of self, sense of wellness, and sense of piece if you allow yourself a chance to forgive those who have hurt you. Many of us have been hurt by our parents in one way or another, but we should remember that they are human. They are only doing the best they know how to do with what they know.

You Will Be Much Happier without Resentment and Bitterness

You will feel so much better in your own life within yourself if you are not harboring a lot of resentment or bitterness. The only way you can tell how you will really feel is to give your estranged parent a call. What do you have to lose? In these trying times, it’s important that we choose love over fear and value our family members.