6 Reasons You Should Have Family Dinner Regularly


With the busy schedule and parents having to do more than two jobs for survival, sharing meals is becoming impossible. Every member of the family ends up eating meals by themselves. For some parents, parenting has simply become financial support. Chronic diseases such as diabetes are also on the rise because of unhealthy eating.

This is why ensuring you spare a little time at least five days a week to catch up with your family for dinner is a small price to pay. Here are 6 benefits of having dinner together as a family;

  1. Kids are Likely to Learn to Eat Healthy Food

Consumption of junk food is on the rise. Most of the USA kids are obese. Being overweight puts the children health at a high risk. A 2000 research showed that kids between the age of nine and ten who eat with their families, tend to feed on vegetables and fruits. Having dinner as a family is, therefore, the first way to keep your kids healthy.

  1. Health Meals Equals Healthy Kids

Research showed that children who share meals with their families are healthy. This means they are less likely to suffer from food disorders, anxiety or experience suicidal thoughts.

The logic behind is the parents who share meals with their kids are aware of their character. The parents can easily spot the child is suffering some stress at an earlier stage.

  1. Dinner Boosts the Children’s Performance

Kids who share meals with their families are likely to perform well in school. Only 9% of children who share family dinners score grade Cs and below.

This is because family dinner allows conversations. The children learn from their parents. Family meals give the kids a chance to learn new vocabulary.

  1. Family Dinners Produces Principled Kids

Amazingly, children who have many family dinners are principled. These kids can say ‘’no’’ The kids are therefore able to evade use of drugs.

With the growing drug addiction among teenagers, it is important to take this as a precaution.

  1. Family Dinner is a Stress Remedy

Family dinner has been proved to be a stress reliever. After a long day at work, having a family dinner calms down and relaxes the body.

Having dinner with your family keeps you active at work. It helps you get through the long hours of work. This is quite refreshing.

  1. It’s the Perfect Setting to Introduce Kids to New Food

Kids can be very stubborn. Children can be reluctant to try out new foods. Many children will only want to stick to your favorite dishes.

Family dinner gives you an opportunity to teach the kids to eat what they don’t like. A simple rule of being allowed to leave the table after finishing food transforms the children feeding habits magically.

Final Verdict

The busy schedules are slowly breaking up families. One of the greatest effects is poor parenting. Sometimes with the demanding economy, it is impossible to avoid the two or three jobs. Family dinner is a small way of compensating for missed family moments.